The lblow10-C’s elongated design promotes proper social distancing for the breathalyzer test.
It has an innovative breath sampling nozzle design that does not make a back-flow breath to the subject’s face and the exhaled breath from the subject does not affect the operator, so it makes sure the safer alcohol testing in the distance.


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No Flowback Breath

Innovative design nozzle with anti-microbial copper coating to prevent cross contamination and transmission of viruses and bacteria from one test subject to the next.

Testing is possible when wearing a mask

Even the person is blowing while wearing a mask, the instrument can detect the person’s exhaled breath. Wearing a mask during the breathalyzer test will aid in the prevention of infection.

Traffic Baton and Flashlight

The LED lighting can be used in various ways at night and displays in White/Red blinking/Red/Red and Blue. It is perfect for law and traffic enforcement officers at the sobriety check point control.



Sensor Type
SURACELL for alcohol detection (Advanced eletro-chemical sensor)
Photodiode sensor for CO2 detection
Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery (5,000mAh)
0.93 lbs (426g) including the sampling pipe
*13.7H x 1.9W x 2.0T inch (350H x 49W x 51T mm) without the sampling pipe
*22.4H x 1.9W x 2.0T inch (575H x 49W x 51T mm) with the sampling pipe
Display Type
0.00/Lo/Hi (FST mode) or Numerical (Nor mode) result
Warming up time
Within 5 seconds
Analyzing Time
Within 1 second at 0.000%BAC
Test speed in 1 minute
Max 10 times at 0.000%BAC
Operation Temperature
23℃ to 104℉ (-5℃ ~ 40℃)
Storage Temperature
14℃ to 104℉ (-10℃ ~ 122℃)
Sampling nozzle (Reusable)
Auto power off
Adjustable 30 to 900 seconds
Display time
Adjustable 1 to 9 seconds
Calibration period
12 months or 5,000 tests (whichever comes first)
Additional Functions
* Displaying battery level
* Reminder for calibration & Grace period (not activated for the sample)
* Calibration protection by PC software SENTECH VIEW
* LED Lighting