Q. How long do I need to wait for the iSOBER breathalyzer test after drinking?

A. We recommend you to wait at least 15~20 minutes. If not, residual alcohol of your mouth may affect to the test results. So to avoid it, rinse you rmouthwith water before testing.

Q. Which factors could affect to breath alcohol test result?

A. Mouthwash, candy or snack which contained alcohol inside can cause positive result. Height, weight, alcohol absorbing speed and time of subjects can may affect to test result.

Q. How accurate compared with the blood test?

A. The TRUE BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) can be measured by blood alcohol test ONLY. So breath alcohol test result needs to be considered as reference purpose.

Q. Our company is alcohol testing hundreds of employees every day. Which iSOBER model is best for us?

A. Detecting alcohol consumed person very fast is the key to conduct alcohol test for the massive group of people.
So we recommend you to use 2 types of iSOBER model.
As a preliminarily test, iSOBER 200 can test 12 people per minute so testing 100 people in a row is just taking less than 9 minutes.
If there is alcohol consumed subject, for the precision test, we recommend you to use iSOBER 70 or iSOBER 90.

Q. Do I need to use mouthpiece for iSOBER breathalyzers?

A. Residual alcohol in a used mouthpiece may affect to test result or can make false alcohol positive result. So we recommend you to use one mouthpiece per one testing.

Q. iSOBER breathalyzers have obtained FDA?

A. Yes. All of our iSOBER breathalyzers cleared FDA 510(k) pre-marketing notification.

Q. Is there a warranty? and how long?

A. We guarantee that 1 year of warranty but calibration is not covered by warranty.